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UpWind Solutions along with Smart Blade have announced they have partnered with 3M to deliver newly developed Vortex Generators (VGs) for wind turbine rotor blades. Vortex Generators, designed for each specific blade geometry, improves the performance of the blades by energising the flow around the blade and reducing flow separation.
The expertise of the three organisations created a new VG solution that is aerodynamically tested to provide the highest possible increase in AEP, with proven durability, and a standardized installation process that reduces costs and downtime. The three companies analysed the existing technology and created a new VG solution that can make an impact on the performance of wind turbines. Initial tests that have been running since November 2012 show an AEP increase by 2-3%.  UpWind Solutions worked with Smart Blade and 3M to develop procedures that resulted in a safe, efficient, and repeatable installation process with an average one-day turnaround process per turbine. The resulting VG solution has customized installation lines for each blade type, repeatable templates to increase speed and accuracy, 3M adhesive tape that is quick and easy to apply.