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The first 3MW HybridDrive has been installed in W2E’s “Wind-to-Energy” wind turbine in Kankel near Rostock, Germany. The grid connection has already been fulfilled, and in October 2013 the wind turbine will be commissioned.
After delivery of the first 3MW HybridDrive and assembly of the nacelle in summer 2013, the W2E-120/3fc wind turbine with a hub height of 100 metres and a rotor diameter of 120 metres has been installed successfully. Winergy’s HybridDrive is combining a two-stage-planetary gearbox and a permanent-magnet-generator into an integrated drive train. This results in a length reduction of 35 – 50% for the complete drive train. Both individual components, (gearbox and generator) have an efficiency each of 98% being the basis for the system efficiency of more than 96.5%. The prototype and serial tests during previous months are confirming this value of energy conversion efficiency of the HybridDrive. The current 3MW version of the HybridDrive has a nominal torque of 2,550 kNm with a weight of 34 tonne, including oil supply system.
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