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Acoem has introduced the products Falcon and Eagle for condition-based maintenance.
Falcon is a new tool for data collection, vibration analysis and balancing. No expert assistance is neccesary to set up vibration monitoring configurations and the device has a built-in automatic diagnostics module. It features real time processing capabilities and a three-axis wireless sensor. The Falcon can be used to easily implement a condition-based maintenance policy. Eagle offers a solution for the early detection of machine faults through vibration analysis and is suitable for all types of rotating machinery. The device is easy to install and enables the simple instrumentation of a larger number of crucial machines, without the use of cables, even in the harshest environments. EAGLE is the first wireless sensor system capable of transmitting high-resolution dynamic signals. This new on-line monitoring solution was developed in partnership with EVRIKA (South Africa), a specialist in the design and manufacture of wireless instrumentation systems for industry.
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