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EnerKíte GmbH from Germany has developed a novel technology to harness the stronger and steadier winds at higher altitudes. At average to fair onshore wind conditions the kite-based wind power plants allow for capacity factors way above 70% while aiming to keep the cost of electricity below 5 euro-cents per kilowatt-hour. The image on the cover shows the demonstrator EnerKíte in use, showing how it can reach heights greater than conventional turbines. Click here to read the full article.

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Can global wind installations double in 5 years?



A Novel Airborne Wind Energy Converter
By Alexander Bormann, CEO, EnerKite, Germany

Investigating the Smartness of Medium Sized Wind Turbines
By Frits Ogg, Renewable Energy Consultant, The Netherlands

ROMO Wind’s iSpin
By Harald Hohlen, ROMO Wind Deutschland GmbH, Germany

By Anna Blanch Vergés and Dr Alexander B. Suma, IBIS Power, The Netherlands


Windtech Future

The future of technology – Manufacturing
By Philip Totaro, CEO of IntelStor, USA


View from Inside

The Main Reasons Behind Protests Against Wind Energy Projects
By Preben Maegaard, Advisor, Nordisk FolkeCenter, Denmark



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