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The Integrated Urban Green Wind Energy Solution

IBIS Fig 1PowerNEST is a new sustainable energy generation system for the tops of buildings. IBIS Power and Pontis Engineering have joined forces to get PowerNEST to a state where it is ready to enter the European market. The consortium has received a Horizon 2020 SME Phase II grant from the EC and is now fully operational and ready to realise the first demonstration in the Netherlands within a few months. The initial stage of the overall European project consists of installing 25 units within 2 years, therefore gaining sufficient knowledge to develop a standardised mass production design and establish a distribution network. The EU independent review committee awarded a score of 14.35 out of 15.00 to the project with all aspects graded as ‘excellent’.

By Anna Blanch Vergés and Dr Alexander B. Suma, IBIS Power, The Netherlands

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