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Could It Change the Game for Renewables?

Enerkite fig 1What if reliable and cheap wind energy could be generated, stored and distributed straight out of a box? EnerKíte GmbH from Germany has developed a novel technology to harness the stronger and steadier winds at higher altitudes. At average to fair onshore wind conditions the kite-based wind power plants – or airborne wind energy converters – allow for capacity factors way above 70% while aiming to keep the cost of electricity below 5 euro-cents per kilowatt-hour. The combination of stronger winds at higher altitudes and the low design wind speeds of 7.5m/s enable capacity factors higher than offshore power plants at a lower cost. Distributed generation, storage and hybridisation with other renewables could all help towards 100% renewable scenarios.

By Alexander Bormann, CEO, EnerKite, Germany

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