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The report is the result of the collaboration between the Polish Wind Energy Association (PSEW) and the consulting company TPA Poland /Baker Tilly TPA and the law firm DWF Poland.
The increase in new capacity of onshore wind farms observed in the past months are the result of a gradual approval of the most advanced projects for the 2018–2020 auctions. This has increased the installed capacity potential to 6.7 GW (PSE data as of March 2021) and will exceed 10 GW in the next two or three years. The government’s announcement of the liberalization of the distance law, which will directly translate into another investment boom of an additional 3–4 GW by 2025, is another cause for optimism. The strategic goal is to unlock the full potential of Poland’s onshore wind energy. The PSEW estimates it at 22–24 GW by 2030–2035. McKinsey’s report “Carbon Neutral Poland 2050" indicates 35 GW of onshore wind farms by 2050. The “Onshore Wind Energy in Poland” report is available free of charge.
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