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Just 476 MW worth of wind farm projects won capacity in the latest German onshore wind auction. A total of 700 MW was on offer. The average price of bids was €61/MWh. This was slightly lower than the previous auction in October 2018 (€63/MWh) but higher than May 2018’s €57/MWh.
The problem is the permitting process in Germany required for new onshore wind farms has been getting longer. It can now take over 2 years compared to 10 months just 2 two years ago. Even projects that get a permit are increasingly being challenged in the courts. At least 750 MW of wind farm projects are currently stuck in legal proceedings. WindEurope CEO Giles Dickson said: “This is now the 3rd German onshore wind auction in a row that’s been under-subscribed. It’s clear the permitting process is not fit for purpose. The German Government needs to take urgent action to make permitting easier. . The Bundesländer are reluctant to identify new locations for wind farms and the Bundesländer need to identify appropriate new zones for onshore wind.
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