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Nass&Wind Industrie and Ifremer are collaborating in the ROTOR project, a model to test offshore floating wind concepts during tank test campaigns.

Nass&Wind is bringing its expertise in the field of wind turbine, naval architecture and control command system. Ifremer is a specialist for tank test campaigns, hydrodynamic and aerodynamic assessments, mechanical and electronic engineering as well as instrumentation. By the end of 2017, the partners will have at their disposal a tank test model able to test, optimise and certify any offshore floating wind concept with horizontal axis wind turbines. This model will have the capacity and modularity to test any kind of floater type and control command strategy for a wind turbine range between 6 to 10MW. A full reduced scale model, with a rotor diameter around 3 meters, will be designed, built and tested during a tank test campaign at the Ifremer center in Brest in October 2017.

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