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The successful offshore installation of Floatgen’s mooring system paves the way for the installation of France’s first offshore wind turbine. The mooring system components were assembled and installed on the SEM-REV test site which will host Floatgen, 22 kilometers off the coast of Le Croisic in western France.

The system was conceived and engineered by Ideol and it is composed of 6 nylon mooring lines. This installation took place as the construction of the concrete floating foundation built by Bouygues Travaux Publics in Saint-Nazaire is coming to an end. Once equipped with the wind turbine, the complete unit is expected to be tugged before the end of the year towards SEM-REV test site. The engineering teams will monitor the system during the entire project’s lifetime whilst several R&D projects are already underway to analyse and perhaps even improve the mooring system’s performance.

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