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Siemens Gamesa is establishing a wind-to-hydrogen project in Denmark and has chosen Green Hydrogen Systems (GHS) as its electrolysis partner. The project will involve a 3MW Siemens Gamesa wind turbine that feeds electricity into a GHS electrolyser, which then uses the electricity to split water into its constituent parts, hydrogen and oxygen.
The oxygen will be released into the atmosphere, and the hydrogen will be stored for subsequent distribution and use as a fuel for hydrogen-powered buses, taxis and cars. 
GHS will provide Siemens Gamesa with a single HyProvide A-Series electrolyser. Supplied as a complete containerized solution with all required installations included, the 400 kW system is designed to accommodate the fluctuating power output of wind turbines. The new Siemens Gamesa facility is expected to start hydrogen production in January 2021.
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