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Ørsted and ATP are bringing in three industrial construction experts to support Ørsted and ATP's bid for the North Sea energy island; Aarsleff, Bouygues, and Van Oord.
Aarsleff, a Danish company providing large-scale projects within infrastructure, climate change adaption, and energy, will be leading the construction work. Bouygues Travaux Publics, an affiliate of Bouygues Construction, brings in expertise in designing, building and operating large scale offshore constructions, such as bridges, tunnels, and land reclamations. Van Oord, a specialist in marine contracting with more than 150 years of experience employs 5,000 people and focuses on dredging, land-reclamation and offshore wind.
The North Sea Energy island is expected to be tendered in 2023 where Ørsted and ATP intend to submit a bid.
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