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Dong Energy has reached an agreement with The Crown Estate to reconfigure the Hornsea zone as part of the Round 3 offshore wind development zones.

Following its acquisition of the remainder of the Hornsea zone from Mainstream Renewable Power and Siemens Financial Services in 2015, Dong Energy has now concluded its zone appraisal process which has resulted in project-specific agreements for lease being agreed for three projects: Hornsea Project Two, Hornsea Project Three and Hornsea Project Four. The previously identified Hornsea Project Three has been split into two separate projects: Hornsea Project Three, to the east of Hornsea Project Two, and Hornsea Project Four, to the west of Hornsea Project Two. This follows Dong Energy’s recent announcement that it will build the 1.2GW Hornsea Project One. Hornsea Project Two has already been identified as having a capacity of up to 1.8GW. A planning consent decision for Hornsea Project Two is expected later this year. Hornsea Project Three, which will shortly be taken forward to external consultation, is estimated to have the potential for 1-2GW capacity. Hornsea Project Four could add around a further 1GW.

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