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Denmark investigates extra offshore wind capacity at Bornholm Energy IslandThe Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities has requested Energinet to expand the current feasibility study areas at the Bornholm Energy Island site in the Baltic Sea.
The feasibility studies now covers the entire orange area on the map, so there is potentially room for 3GW of offshore wind. This is 1GW more than the 2GW already decided in the Climate Agreement of 22 June 2020.
Hesselø Offshore Wind Farm has been suspended after the preliminary studies have shown that there are areas with soft bottoms that could indicate less favourable conditions than originally assumed in the fine screening of the area. If it turns out that the area by Hesselø cannot be used, the planned offshore wind farm must be located elsewhere. The location at Bornholm is one of several possible alternatives to Hesselø, which the Danish Energy Agency is investigating.
The order is only to study the areas and it will require a new political decision to use the expanded areas for the development of offshore wind. In addition to offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea, the order includes feasibility studies for cable connections between the energy island and offshore wind farms, export cables to Zealand and international connections to neighbouring countries.
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