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Vestas has introduced the EnVentus wind turbine platform. The EnVentus platform will initially be available in two new variants: the V150-5.6MW and V162-5.6MW, together covering low, medium and high wind conditions. EnVentus combines technology and system designs from Vestas’ 2 MW, 4 MW and 9 MW platforms.
The turbines feature a full-scale converter and is matched by a permanent magnet generator and balanced by a medium-speed drivetrain. The first V162-5.6 MW prototype is expected to be installed in mid-2020, with serial production later that year. The first V150-5.6 MW prototype is expected to be installed in the second half of 2019, while serial production is scheduled for mid-2020. The platform’s first two variants will be globally applicable. Initially, the new variants are targeted at the onshore market, but may have offshore applicability.
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