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Vestas has introduced the V136-4.2 MW Extreme Climate wind turbine. This new variant of the 4 MW platform is suitable for low to medium wind speeds, while being designed to handle extreme weather conditions.
The extreme climate variant features design optimisations that include a re-enforced blade and a strengthened hub. The new variant is capable of withstanding extreme wind speeds of 53 m/s (exceeding IEC class I extreme wind speed), and extreme wind gusts of up to 74-78 m/s. The variant is also designed to withstand above-average frequency events and intensity of lightning strikes associated with typhoons. The V136-4.2 MW Extreme Climate is also highly suitable for areas with low grid capacity, thanks to Vestas’ full-scale converter that offers active and reactive power capabilities. Serial production is expected by mid-2021 and delivery later that year.
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