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VEKA will be building two hybrid trimarans intended specifically for transporting personnel and freight to offshore wind farms. Most of the innovations are intended to make the so-called workboat more stable and more comfortable, thereby reducing the risk of seasickness.

For example, the ships have lower windows than is customary, so that the passengers have a better view. The third bow is designed to ensure additional stability and comfort. There are also stabilisers built into the hull. The ships will have five water jets installed . Three of these jets are run directly by diesels engines. However, the outer two water jets are driven by permanent magnetic generators. There are also batteries on board as an extra backup; these are charged by the generator. These batteries can run the outer jets. The two vessels will be capable of transporting 20 tons of freight on the foredeck. Inside, there is space for 24 passengers in comfortable business class seats. There are six cabins on board for the ship's crew, along with a mess room, changing locker and space for the crew. This allows the ships to be deployed 24 hours per day. The trimarans are being built for the Danish shipping company World Marine Offshore. The vessels will be used for work at offshore wind farms in Europe. Delivery is scheduled for the third quarter of 2017.

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