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windtunnel ToshibaToshiba Corporation has announced that a proposal by the company on modelling wake flows of wind turbines, toward developing a method for quantitative evaluation, was selected for support under the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s “Experimental and Computational Fluid Dynamics Platform” strategic research project.

The measurement methodology will be based on wind-tunnel experiments Toshiba will conduct on a 1/88 scale model wind turbine in the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel at Kyushu University’s Research Institute for Applied Mechanics. Data on turbulence flows will undergo numeric analysis on the Earth Simulator, a super computer at Yokohama Institute for Earth Sciences. The evaluation will also integrate results from large-scale measurements of wind flows experienced by Toshiba wind turbines installed at Shin-Nagashima Kuronoseto Wind Power Station, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, where mountainous terrain causes turbulence. The company will use the results of the investigation to develop highly efficient wind power generation systems that advance the economic and business potential of wind power generation.

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