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The erosion of materials used in wind turbine blades due to the effect of weather conditions is a problem that applies to the whole wind energy sector. VTT's antiAGE project found a functional solution to the material problem with the help of artificial intelligence and 3D printing.
In its antiAGE project, VTT modelled the material problem and set out to solve it virtually. In principle, it is possible to find an unlimited number of different variations for the material used in wind turbine blades composed of the same material components but differing slightly from one another. Of all these alternatives, one would need to find the one that is best suited for this particular purpose and meets its operational requirements. In principle, using AI, it would be possible to find a tailored material solution optimised for a specific purpose for every component of any single product. However, manufacturing of such highly tailored materials would be difficult if traditional manufacturing techniques were used. 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, offers an opportunity to produce the desired material in any shape without unreasonable costs. VTT is currently negotiating details with commercial operators and it is expxted that cooperation with wind turbine manufacturers will begin next year.
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