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NRG Systems will introduce new products at the American Wind Energy Association’s Windpower 2006 Conference and Exhibition in Pittsburgh, including a heated sensor for turbine control and a 60-meter ice-rated tilt-up tower.

ImageNRG Systems’ Hybrid turbine control sensor uses innovative technology that results in a hotter, more robust and “smarter” sensor. Hybrid’s all-metal body and anodized aluminum heads provide rugged construction. The sensor is fully digital, heated top to bottom and provides improved turbine control in cold climates. Its modular design and quick release mount allow it to plug into place, making installation and field maintenance easy. Turbine control interface for both wind speed and yaw control is provided by a continuous proportional frequency output which provides high resolution and is immune to noise. Using a frequency output for a turbine yaw control sensor is a first for the industry. The Hybrid sensor provides a simple controller interface that is identical for both yaw and speed inputs. For new installations or retrofits requiring other inputs, the NRG Systems’ Hybrid Personality Module converts the frequency signal to numerous other outputs.

NRG Systems will also introduce a new, ice-rated 60-meter TallTower. (Ice-rated 50- and 40-meter tilt-up towers are also available.) Based upon NRG’s original tilt-up tower design, the heavy duty 60-meter tower goes up quickly and easily and is stronger than ever, providing a sturdier and more robust system in all conditions.

ImageNRG Systems’ new Worldwide GSM iPack (Cellular, GSM, GPRS, with voice, Quad Band) refines its advanced communication module technology for data access by incorporating North American and European GSM cellular technologies into one iPack. With one iPack to handle all GSM frequencies, ordering and data management are easier. NRG’s AMPS, CDMA, Satellite, and DoComo iPacks are also available.
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