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Mistaya Engineering Inc. has announced a major update to its wind data analysis software Windographer.

The new features allow users to open raw wind data files, detect and remove problem data segments, and analyse tower shading, wind shear, and wind turbine performance in greater detail.

New quality control module
The new Quality Control window lets users find and fix problems in the data set caused by icing events or sensor malfunctions. They can search for data anomalies using simple visual inspection of the time series graphs, or by defining search rules that might detect, for example, extreme values, flat line segments, abrupt changes, or discrepancies among anemometers. Users can delete problem segments, or even replace them with synthetic data.

Data import improvements
Windographer can now open the .RWD files written by the Symphonie data logger from NRG Systems. It can also append data to an existing data set, and open multiple data files at once. These changes save time by eliminating the need to process or collate data before analysing them in Windographer.
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