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Second Wind has announced a new model C3 anemometer, with material and manufacturing improvements over previous models.

ImageThe Model C3 is designed for durability and reliability, with new materials and a manufacturing process that is RoHS-compliant, involving no toxic metals. The company's calibrated anemometers are tested at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Wright Brothers wind tunnel. The entire model C3 is made of Lexan, a strong plastic that makes it more resistant to breaking during installation. A vinyl boot is used during testing to cover the wiring underneath the cup body that affects the wind flow around the sensor. Both the base and boot will be produced in a distinctive Second Wind blue. Laser etched unique identifiers allow for ease in tracking and a way to trace problems in the data, or if an anemometer needs to be replaced. The uncalibrated Model C3 will be available for US$ 115 and the calibrated C3C version will be priced at US$ 295.
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