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The PV-1 Wind Vane is a continuous rotation sensor that uses a potentiometer to record wind direction on a Nomad 2 Data Logger or a similar data logging device.
It is designed to offer an alternative to the most commonly used vane for wind resource assessment. Key improvements include:
  • Smaller deadband: The PV-1 has a typical deadband (gap in the resistor when data is unable to be collected) that is 25 per cent smaller than competing products, five degree maximum, three degree typical, which allows for greater accuracy.
  • Icing prevention: Second Wind's exclusive anti-icing design allows for a more worry-free and reliable performance.
  • Static electricity reduction: The PV-1 wind vane body is made from conductive plastic material designed to dissipate static electricity to the metal support structure. A specially designed ground bracket expands the surface area contact with both the mount and the vane body.
The PV-1 also features simple mechanical construction from corrosion-resistant materials, no set screws to vibrate loose, a lifespan of 50 million revolutions and multiple mechanical and contact seals. It is designed with materials that are RoHS-compliant, involving no toxic metals.
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