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Shermco Industries has created two insulation systems designed especially for use in wind turbine generators.
The insulation system for wind turbine generators under 1000kW is constructed to achieve excellent physical, electrical and thermal endurance properties with additional mechanical support for rotating elements to combat vibration fatigue.? This system conforms to UL 1446 requirements for Class H insulation systems below 1000 VAC and will be certified to the proposed IEEE 1798 for VFD machines once the final version of the standard is adopted.

For larger wind turbine generators, Shermco has created an insulation system with stator and rotor windings designed to be more robust than most OEM designs. The low voltage stator windings conform to UL 1446 requirements, and the HV rotor insulation systems are designed to surpass the new IEEE 1776 requirements. Dissipation factor, tip-ups and voltage endurance of this system far exceeds normal design parameters for 6900 VAC Class F machines.?

Shermco Industries, who developed these systems with the assistance of DuPont Advanced Fibers Systems and other major materials suppliers, will utilise these designs for remanufacturing and upgrading wind turbine generators.
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