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Tentec has launched a new series of hydraulic and pneumatic torque wrenches. Three new torque wrench ranges have been introduced, the SD, CD and PN series.
The SD Series comprises square drive conventional hydraulic torque wrenches. With torque output ranging from 1722N.m (1270Ft.lbs) to 78625N.m (580000ft.lbs), the one-piece body housing also offers rigidity, strength and robustness in a lightweight form. The CD series interchangeable cassettes allow for a rapid and easy swap out from one hex size to another. The PN series provides continuous and repeatable torque with an accuracy of +/- 5%. Unlike previous pneumatic torque wrenches, the PN series has the fastest speed when it counts, which is during the actual torque stage and not during the free nut run down stage. The PN series offer a torque output from 162 N.m (120 ft.lbs) to 8134 N.m (6,000 ft.lbs) and rotational speeds of up to 45 rpm.
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