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The HybridDrive drive concept of Winergy AG,will be used in the Fuhrländer FL 3000 wind turbine system shortly after its initial debut. The project is a cooperation between Winergy AG, Fuhrländer AG and W2E Wind to Energy GmbH.

The first prototype of the wind turbine is to be completed within one year. The wind turbine will have a rotor diameter of 120 m and a rated power output of 3MW. The wind turbine system is suitable for use up to wind class IEC 2a. The development of the FL 3000 was subsidized by the German Ministry for the Environment, Preservation of Nature and Reactor Safety (BMU). The development is part of a joint project with the University of Rostock. The Mechanical/Dynamics Department of the University of Rostock is engaged in special subtasks in the area of multi-body simulation.
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