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3B-the fibreglass company has launched HiPer-tex W3030 high performance roving. Specifically developed and engineered for polyester and vinylester resin systems and for resin infusion processes, HiPer-tex W3030 roving provides OEMs to manufacture longer and lighter blades for the larger multi-megawatt wind turbines located both onshore and offshore.

In a typical unidirectional polyester or vinylester laminate with an average glass volume fraction of 60%, the new HiPer-tex W3030 roving offers:
  • 54-56 GPa  E-modulus
  • 1400-1500 MPa tensile strength
  • Up to 50% improvement in transverse strength
  • Up to 10 times longer lifetime in fatigue resistance versus traditional E-glass
The new product offers up to 10% weight saving for the same design and length when comparing rotor blades manufactured with traditional E-glass. In addition, the turbine blade span can be lengthened by up to 6% while still maintaining the same weight though contributing up to 12% more energy output. A more consistent laminate quality is achieved as HiPer-tex™ W3030 roving offers better wet-out. Higher shear strength and greater interfibre strength and excellent fatigue performance is provided by the improved resin matrix adhesion.
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