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Romax Technology adds two patents granted to its portfolio of inventions.

During a global project building a wind turbine test rig in Asia, the Romax team discovered the need for flexibility within mechanical test rigs, and quickly developed an invention (GB2487810B) to create an adjustable transfer box which can test wind turbines of up to 15MW. This means any mechanical test rig with this Romax capability can test any matched pair gearbox with any shaft offset. The invention reduces cost while removing the need to create new transfer boxes when testing gearboxes of different designs. This invention can be used across multiple wind turbine applications. The second patent is for a dual clutch transmission (GB2478785B) that maximises the drive and driven gears optimising the durability without increasing the overall size of the design while minimising misalignment between gear meshes of the driving gearwheels, therefore reducing wear and noise as the gears mesh more efficiently and also reduce shaft fatigue.
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