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Mojo Maritime has announced that they have secured funding to develop, build and test their low motion floating platform for offshore LiDAR measurements.
Concept development and tank testing of the platform performed during 2013 has resulted in a solid design, capable of withstanding the most challenging offshore conditions. The platform is designed as a semi-submersible with adjustable draft ballast. Deployment of the platform and motion testing is planned at the Falmouth Bay test site (FABTest) in autumn 2014. Allowing for possible design optimisations, the platform would be redeployed early 2015 to carry out LiDAR validation against a fixed met mast. In order to accelerate the project and ensure the floating platform design is ready for commercialisation late 2015, Mojo Maritime have been awarded GBP 328,000 of European support from the ERDF-grant for business investment (GBI) scheme based on a total project value of GBP 728,000.
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