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Breeze Production is a cloud based software capable of interfacing towards any type of wind turbine such as Siemens, Vestas, GE, Gamesa, Enercon etc. Customers for the software are owners and operators of wind farms.
Breeze Production is used to manage wind farms and intended to be the central hub for all wind, production and operational data. Customers are able to share data with other actors in the value chain that need wind farm data to perform their services. Examples of such actors are ISPs, electricity traders, grid operators among others.  Data is most often transferred from the wind farm to Breeze via OPC or OPC/XML i.e. directly from the SCADA system. The type of data that is transferred from turbines includes production data,availability metrics, errors and warnings, wind conditions, turbine settings such as nacelle direction, blade pitch etc and component data such as rpm, temperatures etc. The customer’s data is stored in an anonymous database. Customers can then benchmark their own data against the anonymous data set. The work leading up to Breeze Production has been a collaborative between industry, state and academia.