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Siemens Energy today launched its new offshore wind turbine - the SWT 4.0-130`. This new wind turbine features a generating capacity of 4MW and a rotor diameter of 130 meters.

The new design is a further advancement of the SWT 3.6 family. Siemens new SWT 4.0-130 wind turbine utilizes all of the key technologies of the 3.6-MW family. The nacelle and tower are advanced variants of the 3.6-MW wind turbine design. The rotor blades are manufactured using Siemens’ IntegralBlade process, cast in a single piece without use of adhesive bonding. Since December 2012, the prototype of the SWT 4.0-130 has been installed and commissioned at the Osterild Test Center in Denmark and is showing excellent performance. Serial production is expected to commence in 2015.

Siemens also introduced its new platform concept for wind turbines. In the future, each of Siemens’s wind turbine types will be bundled under the umbrella of one of four product platforms. The objective of this platform strategy is to standardize and modularize the products. Siemens’ new platform design concept constitutes a further step in the industrialization of the wind power sector. Following the model of the automotive industry, all wind turbines are bundled under the umbrella of a product platform. Each unit consists of five or six modules which are used within a single platform for various different turbines. In the future, each of the wind turbines offered by Siemens will belong to one of the platforms Siemens G2, Siemens G4, Siemens D3 or Siemens D6 The name of each platform is dictated by a combination of the applied drive technology and the performance class of the wind turbines (G for geared drive and D for direct drive).
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