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Leosphere  and NRG Systems recently introduced FCR (Flow Complexity Recognition), an add-on solution for the WINDCUBEv2 Lidar Remote Sensor. Supported by WINDCUBE’s vertical fifth beam, FCR enables the Lidar to provide precise, bankable data in all terrain types, including complex terrain, with no post-processing or post-correction.

In complex terrain, all mechanical and remote sensors are prone to higher measurement uncertainty and may introduce measurement bias due to lack of flow homogeneity across the measured volume,” explained Matthieu Boquet, scientific developments supervisor at Leosphere. “The use of FCR minimizes or even eliminates this bias, allowing WINDCUBE to measure with extreme accuracy and provide bankable data across all terrain types. FCR is available as an add-on to existing WINDCUBEs and as an integrated upgrade to new WINDCUBE purchases.
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