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Nordex SE has unveiled the fourth generation of its multi-megawatt platform. The range comprises turbines for medium (IEC2) and strong wind speeds (IEC1).

In this way, the company will particularly be targeting wind markets in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Scandinavia, France, Turkey and Northern Germany. Nordex’s Generation Delta comprises the N117/3000 with an installed capacity of 3.0 MW for medium wind speeds. Designed for locations characterised by high wind speeds, the N100/3300 has an installed capacity of 3.3 MW. For both wind classes larger rotors are being used. In addition, the Generation Delta’s turbines come with taller hub heights per wind class. Generation Delta comes with Nordex’s Anti-Icing system for the 58.5-metre rotor blades fitted to the N117/3000 and also for the N100/3300. Nordex starts to deliver Generation Delta turbines at the beginning of 2014. Initial projects involving the N117/3000 and N100/3300 are being installed from mid 2013.
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