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Leitwind has announced that its new 4Q frequency converter, known as LeitDrive, will be installed in all Leitwind’s turbines after successful testing of the prototypes.

The decision to make LeitDrive a standard configuration in all wind turbines follows the successful operation of 5 prototype units in Italy in the course of 2012. The first new 4Q frequency converters were installed in autumn 2012 in five of the LEITWIND LTW77 1.5MW turbines in Montecatini, Val di Cecina Tuscany. LeitDrive is a modular converter offering a power range from 250 kW up to 3.000 kW. In a typical 1.0 MW turbine, LEITWIND will install four 250 kW LeitDrive converters, each with independent electric circuits. Each module is a fully functional unit including a grid and motor side inverter. The custom made, water cooled power stack allows a compact size of only 400 mm width per module. LeitDrive uses the latest generation insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBT). In order to operate LeitDrive, no installation of cryptic service tools is needed: user access takes place simply by using the built-in web interface. The most common field busses are supported via extension cards.
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