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DNV GL has announced the component certification of a pitch system for blade pitch control system supplier OAT Osterholz Antriebs Technik GmbH.
This is the first time that DNV GL has worked on the certification of the individual component ‘pitch system’ in a wind turbine, assessing the pitch system against the GL Guideline for the Certification of Wind Turbines Edition 2010 (GL-IV-I). The technical A-Design Assessment of the pitch system has been finalised successfully and the final component certificate of the pitch system will be completed following the practical audit later this year.The certification of the pitch system encompasses elaborate and complex assessments of the individual components, including:
  • Four control cabinets in the wind turbine
  • Three electrical motors to adjust the rotational position of the turbine blades
  • Three sets of Li-Ion-batteries or capacitors to ensure the secure energy supply in case of an electricity outage
DNV GL’s team of engineering and certification experts has been working closely with OAT Osterholz Antriebs Technik in endeavouring the technical certification, which is globally valid. The pitch system has been certified for onshore wind turbines and can be extended to offshore wind turbines requiring an additional certification for the offshore environment, which is very similar to the onshore guidelines.
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