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Alstom and Converteam are collaborating on the world’s largest direct drive permanent magnet generator (DD/PMG) for a wind turbine. As a first step Converteam will equip Alstom’s two 6MW offshore wind turbine prototypes.

Alstom’s 6MW turbine features Alstom’s Alstom Pure Torque technology and Converteam’s direct drive PMG. Alstom Pure Torque protects and improves generator performance by diverting unwanted stresses from the wind safely to the turbine’s tower. Only turning force, or torque, is transmitted to the generator, which ensures sufficient air gap is maintained between the generator rotor and stator. Converteam will supply Alstom with its Advanced High Density (AHD) direct drive PMG. Alstom’s turbine has been developed for the wind conditions encountered in most offshore locations in Europe, the USA and the rest of the world. Two prototypes will be installed in 2011 and 2012, a pre-series in 2013 (the final rollout step before full commercialisation), and series production in 2014.