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ITI Energy announced that three Scottish-based companies have won contracts to test the performance and refine the design of Orangutan, including the construction of a full size prototype.

OrangutanThe programme partners are: Doosan Babcock Energy, based in Renfrew, which will provide materials testing and characterisation services to determine the performance of key components.? Prospect Flow Solutions, an Aberdeen-based engineering consultancy, will model and test the structural components in order to determine the maximum load that Orangutan® can bear.? Fife-based Burntisland Fabricators will build and host a full scale wind turbine tower test facility including full-sized models of the key technology of the tower clamp. The announcement marks a key stage in the development of Orangutan®, which can now move from concept to feasibility and then on to commercialisation.? ITI Energy is committing up to £2m to develop and test the prototype. The design concept for Orangutan® was developed by Aberdeen-based Oreada, a private company created by the founders of Boreas Consultants and James Ingram.
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