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Producers of wind power stations have had to use greases from a variety of manufacturers in order to meet the specific requirements of the various bearings involved.

This was necessitated by the different rpms, stresses, sizes and functions of main, generator, azimuth and pitch bearings, and resulted in a high financial outlay for the operators concerned in terms of inventories and grease disposal procedures, plus of course the ever-present risk of getting them confused. Klüber Lubrication has now succeeded in creating a special base oil mixture and a carefully constituted package of additives to cover all the differentiated requirements of the individual bearing lubrication points using a single product. Klüberplex BEM 41-141, a specialty lubricant for highly stressed rolling and plain bearings, has been designed for main bearings, which with their low rpms are subjected to high stresses and vibrations, generator bearings, which have to cope with high rpms and high temperatures, pitch and azimuth bearings, which besides high stresses are also subjected to oscillating movements and vibration. This specialty grease meets and exceeds all the current requirements specified by the OEMs for bearings and wind power stations.
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