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3TIER has announced the addition of Canada and Alaska to its FirstLook Assessment tool, providing online access to the world's first geographically seamless 5 km wind data set for the continental United States and Canada.

At the same time, 3TIER announced a deal with GENIVAR, a Canadian-based engineering firm, the first customer to use FirstLook Assessment for exploring Canada's wind energy potential. The 5 km mapping of the continental U.S. and Canada is part of 3TIER's "Remapping the World," a longer-term, global initiative launched in March when 3TIER unveiled the seamless global wind map at a 15 km resolution. Over the next 21 months, 3TIER plans to continue to map the world for wind at 5 km, country by country, based upon a priority order that takes into account such issues as renewable energy policies, availability of the wind resource and economic development status. The 5 km maps will be available through the FirstLook Assessment online tool.
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