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Leviathan Energy has announced that it has successfully completed the testing of its Wind Energizer and has begun the process of vetting prospective customers. Leviathan's Wind Energizer is a passive land-based structure that can be adapted to any wind turbine from any manufacturer.
By directing the surrounding wind flow to the most critical areas of the wind turbine's blades, the Wind Energizer increases wind velocity to the blades, resulting in a jump of power output by some 20-40 per cent when the turbine is spinning and by well over 100% in the range of marginal or poor wind speed. Additionally, by balancing the wind velocity load and shearing forces placed on the turbine, the Wind Energizer greatly reduces the stress placed on the turbine, extending both the blade and gearbox lifespan by an expected 2-3 years. Leviathan expects to begin the full roll out of the product later this year. The target market for the US$ 300-500,000 Wind Energizer will be wind turbine manufactures as well as wind farm operators.
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