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A new service from Second Wind Inc. provides site developers, wind farm operators, forecasters and meteorologists with a new way of obtaining data from remote locations.

Second Wind has signed an agreement with Globalstar Communications to provide low-cost satellite service for the company's instrumentation in the US and Canada. SkyServe Satellite Wind Data Service provides reliable data transmission over the Globalstar satellite network, and combines weather data with precise time and location stamps, using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. Delivering a continuous feed of weather data for less than US$400 per month, or daily data on a secure website for less than US$200.??

The SkyServe Satellite Wind Data Service is available for Nomad 2 data loggers. With the technology, GPS coordinates for latitude, longitude, and elevation are incorporated into all collected data. GPS is also used to set and synchronise Nomad 2's real-time clock to one-second accuracy for a time stamp on each data feed. The Globalstar modem is activated by Second Wind at shipping time, with no need for separate or site-specific activation. The Globalstar and GPS antennas and modem are totally integrated into the Nomad package. Using protocols that Second Wind developed especially for the service, communications will work anywhere in the continental USA or Canada below the 60th parallel.
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