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Climatronics introduces a new, "high survivability" sonic anemometer designed specifically for ambient wind sensing in extremely harsh environments for wind turbine control.
New sonic anemometer This rugged "no moving parts" sensor requiring minimal maintenance or calibration. Only 5-inches in diameter and 7-inches in height for minimum turbulence in the measured air stream, the electronics in the wind turbine sonic anemometer utilise the latest solid state surface mount technology and conserves power with a consumption of less than .05W without heaters turned on. The aerodynamic design ensures long-term reliability against possible interference from dust, debris and the elements. Its compact size, metal housing and robust heating design allows the anemometer to be kept ice free under the most extreme conditions. Climatronics' wind turbine sonic anemometer is field configurable through a software interface which is accessed through the sensor's serial data port.
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