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REpower now has the most powerful wind turbine in the world in its portfolio with the further development of the model series to the REpower 6M.? The turbine is equipped with a new guaranteed rated electrical power of 6,150 kilowatts (kW).
The load validation on the three test systems recently erected on the German-Danish border shows that the 6M is designed for operation with a continuous power output of 6,150 kW. These values have now been verified externally, so that the REpower 6M, with its increase in rated power of 150 kW, is currently the most powerful turbine in the world. The turbine possesses a rotor diameter of 126 metres with a hub height of 80-95 metres in offshore installations and 100-117 metres in onshore installations. The dimensions correspond exactly to those of the REpower 5M, so the REpower 6M can later be used in all the projects planned for this turbine type. In the coming years, the company initially plans to erect several test systems on land within the framework of preproduction. Later, the REpower 6M will be produced in the Offshore and Logistics Centre in Bremerhaven, and from there, directly shipped to the installation locations on the high seas.
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