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Magnetek, Inc. has announced that its Aurora 3.6kW power inverters have been certified by Clear Skies, UK.

Clear Skies' certification assures customers that Magnetek's latest clean-energy system meets stringent United Kingdom requirements for quality, reliability, compliance with UK interconnection standards and, most importantly, optimum transformerless energy harvesting efficiency (in excess of 96%).

The Aurora wind inverter's most notable feature is Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), which enables it to optimize energy harvested from wind turbines. By means of proprietary MPPT circuitry and software, Aurora can be programmed to increase the energy extracted from the wind power curve (50-600 volts DC) in virtually any wind power system on the market today. Other Aurora features include a Wind Interface Box, designed to operate only with the Aurora wind inverters, that provides diversion load control and wind speed feedback. In addition, there is an integral RS485 communication link, as well as an optional RS232 converter that comes with free software for remote monitoring. Magnetek is now in the process of obtaining additional certifications, including UL-1741 listing for connectivity to the utility grid in the United States, expected by the end of May 2006.
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