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Inensus has launched recently the products Aeolog and Aeocon.

Aeolog is a wind-monitoring-system of 10 or 15?m height which is equipped with up to two anemometers, one wind vane and a data-logger. It can be shipped easily as a standard parcel. The monitoring mast and ready-to-install monitoring equipment can be erected by the customer within 15 minutes. After erection the system immediately and automatically starts recording the relevant wind speed in 10 second averages and wind direction data. After at least 3 months of monitoring, the memory card of the data logger is retrieved and analysed. The data obtained is extrapolated to 12 months using reference data from nearby weather stations together using evaluation software. The same software can be used to evaluate the economic profitability of different wind-system configurations. Aeocon 4600 is the 5 kW wind power grid-tie converter of their partner Sieb & Meyer. It is the only product of its class integrating the entire wind turbine operation control into one power electronic device.