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Feeder solutionGustoMSC and Barge Master join forces in the development of a motion-compensated feeder solution for the US offshore wind market. GustoMSC and Barge Master adopted an integrated approach in order to comply with the Jones Act and overcome the operational restrictions of US ports.
The motion-compensated platform BM-T700 will be placed on a US flagged offshore vessel or a seagoing barge in order to feed the wind turbine components to the offshore installation site to be installed by a wind turbine installation jack-up. By compensating the motions of the vessel, the platform creates a stable lift-off base for a maximum weight of 700 tons in sea states up to Hs 2.5 meter. GustoMSC will perform the naval engineering and the integration of the BM-T700 platform onto a new or existing DPII feeder barge.
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