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Render Motion Compensated Pile Gripper TWD 2To utilise the ample crane and payload capacity of floating vessels, but to avoid the sensibility to waves of the operation, TWD and Barge Master have developed the motion compensated pile gripper. The principle function of the Motion Compensated Pile Gripper is to hold a monopile perfectly vertical by counteracting the wave mo­tions of the vessel on which it is fixed.

The impact of the innovative technology on the installation cycle has been investigated for different vessel types, both for existing assets as for new-built floating heavy lift vessels. Due to a higher pay-load, reduced vessel day-rate and time savings related to the jacking process, a reduction of the monopile installation costs up to 40% can be achieved. Together with certifying bodies, installation contractors and wind farm developers, TWD and Barge Master will continuously refine this new solution, aiming for a full scale demonstration of the technology in 2018.