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As part of the development and verification process for the V136-3.45MW turbine, Vestas recently installed the first turbine at the Østerild national test center for large turbines in northern Denmark.

The turbine will undergo a test and verification programme before commencing full-scale production, expected in second half of 2017. Since introducing the turbine in September 2015, Vestas has added a number of upgrades to the design and today adds Power Optimised Modes up to 3.6 MW to the turbine. Depending on site-specific conditions, this can increase annual energy production by a further 2.5 per cent. Other upgrades include the 166 metres tall Large Diameter Steel Tower (LDST) and an expansion of the turbine's operational envelope to include medium wind (IEC IIB) conditions. In addition to Europe, the turbine will also be manufactured in China.

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