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MHI Vestas DONG Energy test towerDONG Energy and MHI Vestas Offshore Wind have jointly installed a V164-8.0MW wind turbine test tower and foundation onshore to test several installation and commissioning procedures. 

In order to further test installation and commissioning procedures, the interfaces between the tower and transition piece, and enhance our technician training capabilities, MHI Vestas and DONG Energy have jointly invested in installing a reference tower for the V164-8.0 MW on top of a shortened version of the transition piece. The 97 m high tower was installed opposite the MHI Vestas nacelle factory at the Lindø Industrial Park, on the Danish island of Fuenen and is expected to be in place for up to two years. The tower and foundation are replicas of those that will be installed at Burbo Bank Extension. The tower will initially be used by MHI Vestas to optimise the pre-assembly process, which will take place in Belfast during the coming months. Later in the year, service technicians will use the tower as a training aid for preparation for service at both the Burbo Bank Extension, and Walney Extension projects. In addition, DONG Energy and its contractors will use the test facility to prepare for foundation and cable installation.

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