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With three new product variants, V150-4.0/4.2 MW, V136-4.0/4.2 MW, and V117-4.0/4.2 MW, the 3 MW platform is renamed to the 4 MW platform. The announcement introduces the fourth generation of the platform since its launch in 2010 and takes the platform's turbine portfolio to eight turbines, including the three new variants.

The V150-4.0/4.2MW offers 20+ per cent more AEP in low wind while lowering the maximum sound level down to 104.9 dBa. The V136-4.0/4.2 MW is suitable for medium wind conditions with sound power levels of 103.9 dBa. With  the introduction of the V117-4.0/4.2 MW expands the 4 MW platform into strong wind or typhoon type wind conditions.

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